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BLK OPM : narco-lux T-shirts

POSTED ON 15/05/2013

Dear friends,

BLK OPM – Black Opium- stems from an alternative lifestyle born in Shanghai fumoirs.

That could be it, but there is a behind the story : David Hadida, head of TRANOI tradeshow for over a year during day time and designer at night time, is L’Eclaireur eldest son, so he just couldn’t make it either way.

This is BLK OPM second season, but not David’s first project. As a former graphic designer he needed to let out the creativity he has absorbed so far, like a peaceful inner revolution.

French author Andre Malraux evokes the paradigm about this substance numbing the mind in the Man’s Fate – La Condition Humaine –  « Giving a meaning to your death is somehow giving a meaning to your life ».

So David, is this whole process the answer you’ve been looking for ?






BLK OPM is distributed in  top selective multibrand stores :
L’Eclaireur – Paris
Frida – Frankfurt
Rosa Maria – Beyrouth
Take care,

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