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Make it HEALTHY – Sophie Trem

POSTED ON 08/09/2013

Hello les amis!!!

C’est dimanche, on prend le temps de souffler, de cuisiner, d’acheter… et de (se) faire plaisir surtout! J’avais préparé ce post pour la version TOAOL sur le vogue.com China, et comme il a l’air de plaire… let’s share!
Et comme c’est dimanche, flemme de traduire 🙂

DEar friends,
When i have some friends home for a quick lunch  i try to make very simple things looking nice!
Here is one of my favorite recipe cause i always have some of these in the fridge, if you don’t have some of the vegetables just replace by any from the same color.
Cause everything is about shape and colors by the end 🙂
As i try to eat as healthy as possible instead of frying the vegetables i just boil or steam them, so they can keep all their flavour and vitamines and it’s less fat 😉


Hope you enjoy it!
Bon appetit 🙂