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POSTED ON 09/07/2015

Hello les amis!


Cette semaine on continue sur notre lancée de jeune femme inspirante, sportive et … canon! ( apres lecture du post tu peux enfiler tes baskets pour aller courir ça fait pas de mal 😉

Tara Stiles est la fondatrice du Strala Yoga, et ambassadrice REEBOK.

Ancienne mannequin, elle a crée le Strala, un style de Yoga inspiré de la danse, avec de la musique et un flow dynamique, où tout est basé sur le fun, l’équilibre et les postures traditionnelles du Yoga. Etant à la base très fan du classiqu Ashtanga, je me suis demandée si j’aimerai, et bien j’adore! Le strala est typiquement un autre style de yoga, très complémentaire avec les formes classiques, il permet d’étirer les muscles en prodonfeur et travailler sur l’équilibre en géneral




Since when are youambassador for Reebok?

 I started working with Reebok in Jan of 2012. It was exciting to come together to create Reebok Yoga. At that time I was piecing together old burn out t shirts, comfy sweats and cozy fun clothes for yoga. There wasn’t a yoga collection that spoke to my style and we agreed that this approach was an opportunity to expand yoga beyond black leggings. It’s been a few years of creating super fun cozy pieces and it’s amazing to see them worn all around the world.

Whats the relationship between Strala & Reebok?

 I would say Reebok is a fan of the Strala approach to yoga.

Have you design some pieces of the fitness collection?

 yes. working with the design team since the inception is super fun. the line has influence from my travels, childhood and culture mixes. Vibrant, positive and fun is the running theme. the silhouette and fit are essential when it comes to sportswear and it’s been nice to see our classic shapes come to life and find variation over the years.

How did you start the Strala Yoga in a few words?

 I saw a need for an evolution of yoga from rigid and dogmatic to non denominational and started leading classes with continuous movement and ease, allowing people to get further with less effort and enjoy the flow.

What does strala means?

 to radiate light

What’s your big dream?

 i’m living it

What makes you Happy?

 meeting people around the world who have been helped and inspired by my work.

 Your Philosophy?

 move with ease. follow how you feel. go after what gives you goosebumps.

What’s your astrological sign?


A memory

 meditating in the woods as a kid

A film

 All about Eve

A color


A scent


 A meal

 chee cheong fun

A gift

an opal

If u had a magic stick for a day


A place


A cloth





Lors d’un cour de Strala Yoga auquel j’ai eu la chance d’assister dans un CMG avec Tara Stiles lors de son passage à Paris il y a quelques mois


Après l’effort, le réconfort d’un déjeuner à l’Acajou le restaurant du très talentueux Jean Imbert




Merci Tara & Reebok pour ce superbe moment!

PS: je vous recommande vraiment d’essayer, vous me raconterez;)

A très vite,