Sarah Lavoine presents her interior matters

Dear friends,
Last week, interior designer Sarah Lavoine was launching her brand new first furniture collection  and interior design in her perfect parisian taste : a mix of chic and french touch at 9 rue St Roch
Of course she has a background that comes with , from a decorator mum and art dealer dad, so style  was part of her education. But what actually struck me was her simplicity, slightly sophiscate and cool,  from the way she dressed to the way we could have talked about almost anything.

Here is a short « behind « portrait of a modern princess tale:

Why Design?
Because i grew up in Art and Design thanks to my parents

What was your childhood dream? 
To be an actress, but i guess i was too shy

Your philosophy ?
To be free

Your Favorite meal ?
Don’t laugh, i love kids stuff and i could die for cheese fondue !

What do you like the most in life?
My kids of course, and to travel

Your favorite character?
Karen Blixen author of Out of Africa , she is the kind of woman i truely admire.There is something i love about Africa, i can’t just explain, and i guess it comes from the first time i read it.

Your favorite book?
Just Kids – Patti Smith

What would you do with a magic stick?
I would check what’s going on in 10 years, and make sure everything is alright !

What could be happiness?
… a glass of wine by the chimney !

The human quality you like the most in a person ?
Sincerity and honesty

If you were an animal ?
A cheetah, definitely coming from Africa 😉

What’s coming next?
Many things… i hope !


sarah_lavoine_showroom_oct12-2 copie


Take care,

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