She is a "Woawman" : Anne-Valérie Hash

Dear Friends,
Lady Gaga is in Paris, metro is starting to be over crowded….yes PFW is back!
Only a few days before the hysterical showtime when no one is supposed to eat nor see the colour of the sky , but busy finalizing the last pieces before the Defilé, i had this nice parenthesis with Anne-Valérie Hash.
Not only i admire her work because she is talented, hard working, or french… 🙂 i have always wondered how a woman could run and lead her own Couture House and in the same time deal with her family.So we had this great exchange about life, concessions, conceptions and dreams.

Here is a piece of our conversation :

Who are you ?
 i am Anne, and Valérie, a mix of simple, softness and complicated.
I feel like i’m always having those 2 contrasts struggling : one hand is the artistic, the other the intellectual.
Your astrological sign ?

What was your childhood dream ?

As far as i remember, i have always wanted to work in fahion : around 6/7 years old i would ask my mum to buy me a Vogue magazine as a present, i would cut all the jewelries pages and wear them on!
What’ your philosophy ?
 Never taking things too seriously, cause we never know what tomorrow will be made of…
Your favorite meal?
All kind of salads made of vegetables, i’m vegetarian.
This is an other example of the irony of my life, my husbands is in the meat business!
What do you like the most in life?
To live and not knowing where i am going the next day
Your favorite character ?
I have an adoration for Marilyn Monroe since always.
She is just …my opposite!
Your favorite movie ?
Magnolia, because i love Julianne Moore, the music, and the tension you can feel all along.
What does happiness means to you?
To be happy with what we have, and simply be alive
What quality you like the most in a person?
If you were an animal?
A little bird from the islands
What’s coming next?
We are planning our first flagship store
What would you do if you had a magic stick for a day?
I would take my 2 daughters and we would walk on the clouds



All i could think of while listening to her was Helen Redy song : « i am woman »


Sophie Trem & Anne-Valérie Hash

MERCI  AVH pour ce très joli moment!
Special thanks to
Take care,

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