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Dear friends,

I dedicated this website to all the things that contribute to a better lifestyle, and i truely believe that anyone deserves and can be happy. It’s all about the connection you have with yourself and the universe ( i know what it sounds like!!!!), i read of lot of things on the topics, and  it does really work! But if you want to make it happen, you have to believe and change! (sorry in english only)

I’m happy to share with you the amazing interview author Laura Albert did of Dannah Lewis who is coach and catalyst for facilitating change.


Many folks I know are successful in their work, but they feel so unhappy in their core, they are baffled by how to make an effective change. And it’s not a job issue, it’s a deep dissatisfaction. Some folks experiment with drugs, often ending up doing rehab. Others go to India and become yoga teachers. I keep meeting folks who, as they express their lostness, do not even realize they are actually quoting the lyrics to U2’s, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. But one day I noticed something
changing. I started hearing stories of transformation, satisfaction and yes, even happiness from the formally joy defective. Tibet? Nope, they said. Faith Healing?Chanting, Lemon-maple syrup -water fast?Nope. I was always told Dannah.What’s a Dannah? But I didn’t really want to know. I shrugged it off, till finally my most negative friend became a joyous convert. Dannah convert. And that’s when I had to find out for myself. So what is the Kool-aid Dannah these folks are drinking that so changes their
outlook? So that this miraculous stuff in the life starts happening. Yeah, they carry themselves differently and that attracts others, opening them to all kinds of opportunity — till they end up with the dope job, rad relationship and a glow that ain’t from fasting!
I finally asked. I think I expected Yoda. But it’s not Yoda it’sDannah, Dannah Lewis.
And I first contacted her by Skype (she does Skype sessions as folks around the world want contact), and even though it turns out we are both based in San Francisco,I was traveling and my skeptic self could wait no longer. And of course I got what was so amazing about Dannah and we started working together so yes, I am now one of those going around singing the praises of Dannah and Delicious LifeStyle, her program of digging on life. I decided the best way to share this with my TOAOL buddies was to interview Dannah herself!
D Lewis headshot feb2013 3 copie
LA: so first off… what voodoo work ya practicing girl?
Dannah: That’s so funny Laura because what I’m doing is actually so practical and pragmatic…and, yes, it’s magical. I was one of those people that got up (grumpily), went to work and most other places in my life with this energy of,”where’s the fun?
I have to do this, this just isn’t the way it’s supposed to be and there aren’t other options.” I’ve learned that this energy tends to lock people up because of their fixed points of view. It contracts their worlds leaving them feeling frustrated, unhappy and dis-satisfied. The modality (voodoo) that has changed my life and that I practice and facilitate is Access Consciousness.
LA :What is Access Consciousness?
Dannah: The basic premise is that your point of view creates your reality and that through choice and being in the question (versus conclusion, decision and judgment) you can create new awareness and possibilities for yourself. It provides a set of
pragmatic tools to change what isn’t working in your life. And, the combination of question based facilitation, verbal clearing processes and hands-on energy work is the most dynamic modality I have come across. I’m not just using these tools in my
lifestyle coaching practice, I’m using these tools everyday to create my own juicy life and living.
LA: Give us an example of how you use Access Consciousness in your work.
Dannah: I work with clients in several different ways. My SignatureKickstarter Series and Strategy Sessions, are a one-on-one co-creative process where I facilitate clients through the framework, flow and energetic blocks of actually creating their life and
living. Clients receive relevant tools and tips as well. For example,a very common Access tool is asking the question ‘what else is possible?’. This is a great question to ask in just about any circumstance- when things are funky I’m definitely asking it and when things are flowing smoothly I ask it as well to continue to keep the space expanding. The Life Design Strategy is something I use in my own life.
Another Access tool that I consider ‘self-care 101’ is the Access Bars energy process. This is a gentle, hands-on process that interacts with 32 energy points in your head and by having the facilitator ‘run your bars’ and go through the process of touching these points, the electro-magnetic charge we hold is dissipated as well as the underlying judgments and limiting beliefs we have stored. Mind chatter, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc…have all been reduced through this process. It creates clean, clear space in my head and a relaxed lightness in my body. And the really cool thing about all the space and lightness is that it truly opens your energy up to receive so much more from the universe. It is on my calendar, no exceptions.
LA: Your background is very corporate and you work with a lot of top CEO’s. But your feel is very spiritual.
Dannah: It’s been really interesting for me to see how my corporate background in business operations and marketing contributes to this. I know how to build and create things- departments, marketing plans, editorial calendars- and when
you combine that with my ability to follow the energy and incorporate the Access tools, well, it’s a very effective session for people whether we are designing their life or their business. It’s a framework and flow approach that is customized to you. It’s dynamic.
It catalyzes change.
LA: What is the time commitment usually?
Dannah: It’s a commitment of a few hours a month.
LA: It beats rehab! I know folks that have worked with you get remarkable results, how long do you usually work with folks? They seem to be able to “get”what they need and come for touchups – as if you are a radhairstylist!
Dannah: I recommend packages of at least 3 sessions. Yes, we can create change in one session but there is something to choosing to be the leader of your life in a strategic way, scheduling the time to learn new tools and receive self-care. And,
you’re learning a new and different way to be in the world…it takes more than a minute to do that. For me, I’m aware that having someone to facilitate with you, the verbal part, and especially the Access Bars process is exponentially more dynamic. And I find that people like having regular interaction and the accountability they are creating for themselves. Additionally, I can facilitate one-on-one sessions for specific issues and targets, the Access Bars sessions, and any of the 50+ Access energetic body processes.
I also teach one-day classes in Bars and Body processes as well as taster and intro classes.
LA: I know you also work with people, specifically for crisis situations, when everything is hitting them and they can’t wrap their head around any of it,what’s your success secret for assisting them?

Dannah: I created the ‘Life Saver Crisis Care Sessions’ after my own recent emotional emergency situation. It combines two sessions over a 3-5 day time period of two hours each and incorporates the Access Bars process twice, a specific
verbal process and a specific Access body process. It is potent, nurturing and very dynamic in creating more ease during these life experiences (i.e. death, divorce,job loss, etc…).
And I always give people take away tips and tools to help navigate the situation with more ease as they move forward.

LA: So you work with people internationally, I dug having sessionswith you on Skype. Do you do that a lot?
Dannah Lewis feb2013 3 copie
Dannah: I’ve had great success doing Skype sessions. And last December I led a live guided meditation that was interwoven with Access processing to 1100+people around the globe viawww.IntentionCall.com
LA: So what can folks expect from working with you?
Dannah: To my greatest ability, people walk away from the Signature Sessions with a greater sense of who they ‘be’, a framework for self-care and juicy living, and more capacity to create themselves as the nurturing source of their delicious life. How does
it get any better than that?
Three ways to play with Dannah and the Delicious LifeStyled Brand:

1. Reserve a complimentary Discovery Session or schedule a Signature
Session with Dannah (online scheduler available on the homepage @
www.DeliciousLifeStyled.com or email dannah@deliciouslifestyled.com

2. Join Dannah as she hosts her new weekly Creation in Action Radio
Show (http://
) 3. Inspire yourself and others with the fun producs available online
at the Delicious LifeStyled Boutique (www.cafepress.com/deliciouslifestyledboutiqe)
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For more information,visit www.DeliciousLifeStyled.com

To connect further, like the fanpage @
Facebook.com/DeliciousLifeStyled and follow on Twitter.com/DLstyled

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Ceci n'est pas un message de détresse au contraire d'ESPOIR. Aujourd'hui on a internet.
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La liberté commence par le respect d'autrui de la même manière que j'aimerai être respecté.
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En stories la liste des produits de première nécessité qu'on peut envoyer aux ukrainiens via @merkouchenko

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J'ai pas de mots tellement j'arrive pas à croire ce qu'il se passe actuellement en #ukraine ...comment est ce possible encore en 2022 de retourner en arrière à ce point ? Comme si on apprenait jamais de nos erreurs comme si la boucle se remettait à boucler mais pas dans le bon sens.

Je pense à tous ces gens qui ont peur pour leur pays , leur famille , leur vie qui a basculee du jour au lendemain💔

Et nous si on était à leur place ? Qu'est ce qu'on ferait ? Comment peut on " aider " ?
On ne peut pas faire grand chose mais on peut toujours se tenir au courant, être conscient de la gravité, partager les informations , se renseigner et réfléchir 🙌 #weareone

Par ailleurs je salue @zelenskiy_official l'incroyable président ukrainien dont j'ai découvert l'histoire hier . C'était un acteur qui a produit une série TV où il jouait le rôle d'un Président simple, bon et proche de son peuple.. quand la fiction devient la réalité 💫 en tous cas aujourd'hui peu de président auraient fait ce qu'il fait pour son pays : rester sur le front la où se doit être le leader ✊️ que toutes les forces universelles soient avec lui et le peuple ukrainien🙏

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Ma citation préférée de tous les temps je pense ❤

Lorsque j'ai fait des choix que personne ne comprenait, ou quand je ne faisais pas "comme les autres" ou lorsque que tout le monde essayait de me dissuader de ne pas le faire car ça ne marcherait pas... cette citation était comme un phare au loin 🌟 dans l'obscurité , elle m'a sûrement guidée jusqu' ici maintenant 🙏 aujourd'hui elle fait d'autant plus de sens car je sais que nous sommes nombreux à vous le changement et pour cela il faut accepter que la route n'est pas toute tracée, que c'est à nous de la créer  afin d'emprunter une nouvelle voie 💫

=> Ce n'est pas parce qu'il n'y a pas de chemin que vous ne pouvez pas y aller => penser autrement => agir autrement => changement 

12eme jour de l'année pour ceux qui ont eu l'article sur le blog 🌟 je voulais finir sur ce partage qui je l'espère vous apportera un peu de  lumière 💡 pour tracer votre propre chemin.

Osez. Allez y. Faites le.
Ayez confiance 
Trompez vous
Amusez vous 
Mais surtout : écoutez vous 🔑 



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