Meeting with ORLAN in Paris

Yes it was impressive!
I had the chance to meet the unique artist ORLAN during an interview she had with our dearest friend Sofia Tchkonia for her documentary.
ORLAN explores different techniques such as photography, video, sculpture (in resin, marble and inflatable), drawing, installation, performance, biotechnology, etc.
She was the first artist to use surgery as an artistic medium
Not only i was amazed by her artwork and story telling, but  listening to the causes and values she is defending, made me realize how devoted and sincere she was with Life in general, and we know how little we meet such authentic people these days 🙂
Many popular artists such as Walter Van Beirendonck or Lady Gaga have found inspiration in her universe.
Merci ORLAN for ALL.
Check all her news and exhibitions schedule around the world on :

Photos credit : Stephane Carcopino-Tusoli
Sophie Trem

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  1. Je suis partie loin sur ton blog. Mais là Orlan c’est le summum du cool. mon rêve, j’ai travaillé (pour un projet) sur elle il y a quelques années.
    Au top ma Sophie

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